Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teaching a Dog or Puppy It's Name

An effective way to teach a new dog or puppy its name, is to use behavior reinforcement. In other words reward the dog with a small treat and praise whenever it responds positively to it’s name. By nature, a dog or puppy will usually try to please.
Try calling the puppies name in a positive, happy voice. When she responds and comes over to you, promptly give her a treat and some praise – good dog! Doing this several times in a row and following-up at frequent intervals during the day and days following, you will soon have a dog that knows its name, associates positively with the name (treats and praise) and has already begun to learn to come when you call her.

Never, ever use the dog’s name when you punish or reprimand! The dog will soon learn to ignore and even avoid you, as it will associate it’s name with punishment. To reprimand use a loud sound like - Unh unnnh !

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mic_comte said...

You should not forget the rules for naming a puppy. They are different rules in different countries, here they are:
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