Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teaching a Dog or Puppy It's Name

An effective way to teach a new dog or puppy its name, is to use behavior reinforcement. In other words reward the dog with a small treat and praise whenever it responds positively to it’s name. By nature, a dog or puppy will usually try to please.
Try calling the puppies name in a positive, happy voice. When she responds and comes over to you, promptly give her a treat and some praise – good dog! Doing this several times in a row and following-up at frequent intervals during the day and days following, you will soon have a dog that knows its name, associates positively with the name (treats and praise) and has already begun to learn to come when you call her.

Never, ever use the dog’s name when you punish or reprimand! The dog will soon learn to ignore and even avoid you, as it will associate it’s name with punishment. To reprimand use a loud sound like - Unh unnnh !

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cool Spanish Dog Names for Small Dogs by Greg Marlett

You have an adorable little Chihuahua chico or chica,, or possibly another small bandido needing a cool name. The best dog names for a small dog are very often Spanish, in my opinion. So to come up with some more great dog names, I did a little research and came up with the following.
Of course there are some standards like taco, or papi, but I wanted to go beyond the obvious choices. I also wanted to stick with one or two syllables, as this makes it easier for the dog to learn.

Some good Spanish dog names for males are: "Bruno," (meaning – a little black plum or plum tree); "Che" (from Argentinean expression meaning - hey!); "Ciro" (from name Cyrus); "Desi" (from Latin – longing or derire); "Fausto," (meaning from Latin – lucky); "Felix" (from Latin – successful); "Fidel" (from Latin – Faithful); {"Goyo" (from Greek – watchful, alert); "Hugo" (meaning –heart, mind, spirit); "Jorge" (from Greek – farmer); "Jose" (from Joseph); "Nacho" (from Ignacio -Latin – meaning fire); "Pablo" (from Paul – meaning, small, humble); "Paco" (from Francisco, Latin meaning "frenchman"); "Pancho" (also from Francisco).

Good Spanish female dog names include: "Alba" (meaning –‘dawn"); "Ana" (from New Testament – mother of the Virgin Mary); "Berta" (from English/German, Bertha – meaning, bright, famous); "Charo" (from Rosario, meaning - rosary); "Concha" (from Conchita – meaning, seashell); "Chita" (also from Conchita); "Dalia" (from the flower "dahlia"); "Dora" (from Isidora, a 4th century saint); "Dulce" (meaning sweet or candy); "Inez" (from Latin, meaning chaste); "Lupe" (from Guadalupe, a Spanish place name and famous convent); "Paca" (shortened form of Francisca – latin, frenchman); "Pia" (from Latin, pius, dutiful); "Rosa" (from the flower –rose).

Bueno! I think that should get you started, thinking about the best fitting name for your dog or puppy in Spanish. This research was fun, and I hope to do even more with Spanish dog names in the future. Adios.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Irish Dog Names by Greg Marlett

Irish names are beautiful and very often are derived from heroic characters in Irish folklore and legend. They make excellent and unique dog names for your pet. These names often times have English equivalents as well, with a different spelling and pronunciation. If the best dog name for your Irish Setter is an authentic Irish name, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some really nice Irish female dog names are:

"Aine," awn-ye, (Anna or Anya in English) - Ancient Irish name relating to splendor, brilliance and radiant.

"Ashling," ash-ling, - Means a vision or dream, very popular current name.

"Brannagh," bran-nah – From word ‘raven’. Refers to dark beauty with black hair.

"Brigid," bridge-it (Brigit in English) – Stems from power, virtue, vigor – was the main female deity of the Celts.

"Caoilainn," kay-linn – From slender, fair, pure.

"Caragh," car-a and "Caera," keer-a – Comes from the word meaning ‘friend.’

"Ciara," kee-ra –Meaning dark hair and dark eyes.

"Daimhin," daw-veen – Meaning ‘little deer’ – diminutive

"Darcy," dar-cy – Meaning dark, dark haired.

"Ealga," ale-ga – Meaning noble and brave – a poetic name for Ireland

Some really great Irish male dog names:

"Aedan," aid-an – Meaning born of fire

"Aengus," eng-iss – From excellent and strength – Aengus was the god of love and youth

"Alroy," all-roy – From ‘red’ – choice for red haired (Irish Setter?)

"Carney," car-ny – Victorious champion

"Cian," key-in – Meaning, ancient and enduring.

"Coilin," koh-lin – Little chieftan.

"Conan," co-nan – Little warrior.

"Dahey," dah-hee - (English, David) Meaning swiftness, nimbleness – last pagan king of Ireland.

"Liam," lee-am – (English, William) Meaning strong protector.

"Lochlan," lok-lun – Derived from the home of the Vikings ‘lochlan" popular name and tribute to Viking ancestry for fair or red haired boys.

Some very interesting and fitting names for your dog or puppy. I kept the names to one or two syllables, as always, since this is easier for your dog to learn. Good luck in finding the best name for your dog!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Redneck Dog Names by Greg Marlett

Let's face it, there are far more red neck dogs in this country than snobby uptown show dogs! With that in mind, I did some research to find some good ol' names for some blue collar pups. Some names that will fit your redneck dog to a "T."It's always best to name your dog with a one or two syllable name, so I tried to keep this in mind during my extensive redneck dog name research.

First, for the ladies, we have some real classic redneck name gems: "Maddy" (English - from Madeline); "Rhiann," (Welsh, a mythological nymph); "Roxxy," (Redneck, sweet, but slow); "Ruby,"(unknown, possibly a real gem);
"Faylene,"(unknown origin); "Hattie,"(Redneck, push with foot??);
"Layla," (Arabic,dark beauty); "Misty," (American, meaning covered with mist/dew); "Bambi,"(Italian, "child"); "Baylee," (Unknown origin. Variations include Bayleigh/Bailie (never Bailey!) and "Lexus," (from Alexa, American, meaning defender).

For the country gentleman, coon-hound, who'd rather hunt than go to dog shows: "Pervis," (American, son-of-a-_); "Otis," (Son of Otto - whoever he was); "Rebel," (to resist or defy authority as in Johnny Reb - How many dogs fit this name?); "Roscoe," (Old Norse, from the deer forest); "Roy," (French, regal one - as in "old Roy");"Rufus," (Latin, red haired one); "Elrod," (Redneck, meaning asleep under a tree??); "Earl," (English, meaning leader); "Harley," (English, meaning spacious meadow); "Homer," (Greek, meaning promise); and Jed, (American, meaning friend of God).

How's that for starters? Going forward, we will continue the search for high quality, unique and totally cool redneck dog names. Have fun naming your dog and enjoy the company of your new canine friend!

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