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Best Irish Dog Names by Greg Marlett

Irish names are beautiful and very often are derived from heroic characters in Irish folklore and legend. They make excellent and unique dog names for your pet. These names often times have English equivalents as well, with a different spelling and pronunciation. If the best dog name for your Irish Setter is an authentic Irish name, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some really nice Irish female dog names are:

"Aine," awn-ye, (Anna or Anya in English) - Ancient Irish name relating to splendor, brilliance and radiant.

"Ashling," ash-ling, - Means a vision or dream, very popular current name.

"Brannagh," bran-nah – From word ‘raven’. Refers to dark beauty with black hair.

"Brigid," bridge-it (Brigit in English) – Stems from power, virtue, vigor – was the main female deity of the Celts.

"Caoilainn," kay-linn – From slender, fair, pure.

"Caragh," car-a and "Caera," keer-a – Comes from the word meaning ‘friend.’

"Ciara," kee-ra –Meaning dark hair and dark eyes.

"Daimhin," daw-veen – Meaning ‘little deer’ – diminutive

"Darcy," dar-cy – Meaning dark, dark haired.

"Ealga," ale-ga – Meaning noble and brave – a poetic name for Ireland

Some really great Irish male dog names:

"Aedan," aid-an – Meaning born of fire

"Aengus," eng-iss – From excellent and strength – Aengus was the god of love and youth

"Alroy," all-roy – From ‘red’ – choice for red haired (Irish Setter?)

"Carney," car-ny – Victorious champion

"Cian," key-in – Meaning, ancient and enduring.

"Coilin," koh-lin – Little chieftan.

"Conan," co-nan – Little warrior.

"Dahey," dah-hee - (English, David) Meaning swiftness, nimbleness – last pagan king of Ireland.

"Liam," lee-am – (English, William) Meaning strong protector.

"Lochlan," lok-lun – Derived from the home of the Vikings ‘lochlan" popular name and tribute to Viking ancestry for fair or red haired boys.

Some very interesting and fitting names for your dog or puppy. I kept the names to one or two syllables, as always, since this is easier for your dog to learn. Good luck in finding the best name for your dog!

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