Monday, August 25, 2008

Cool Spanish Dog Names for Small Dogs by Greg Marlett

You have an adorable little Chihuahua chico or chica,, or possibly another small bandido needing a cool name. The best dog names for a small dog are very often Spanish, in my opinion. So to come up with some more great dog names, I did a little research and came up with the following.
Of course there are some standards like taco, or papi, but I wanted to go beyond the obvious choices. I also wanted to stick with one or two syllables, as this makes it easier for the dog to learn.

Some good Spanish dog names for males are: "Bruno," (meaning – a little black plum or plum tree); "Che" (from Argentinean expression meaning - hey!); "Ciro" (from name Cyrus); "Desi" (from Latin – longing or derire); "Fausto," (meaning from Latin – lucky); "Felix" (from Latin – successful); "Fidel" (from Latin – Faithful); {"Goyo" (from Greek – watchful, alert); "Hugo" (meaning –heart, mind, spirit); "Jorge" (from Greek – farmer); "Jose" (from Joseph); "Nacho" (from Ignacio -Latin – meaning fire); "Pablo" (from Paul – meaning, small, humble); "Paco" (from Francisco, Latin meaning "frenchman"); "Pancho" (also from Francisco).

Good Spanish female dog names include: "Alba" (meaning –‘dawn"); "Ana" (from New Testament – mother of the Virgin Mary); "Berta" (from English/German, Bertha – meaning, bright, famous); "Charo" (from Rosario, meaning - rosary); "Concha" (from Conchita – meaning, seashell); "Chita" (also from Conchita); "Dalia" (from the flower "dahlia"); "Dora" (from Isidora, a 4th century saint); "Dulce" (meaning sweet or candy); "Inez" (from Latin, meaning chaste); "Lupe" (from Guadalupe, a Spanish place name and famous convent); "Paca" (shortened form of Francisca – latin, frenchman); "Pia" (from Latin, pius, dutiful); "Rosa" (from the flower –rose).

Bueno! I think that should get you started, thinking about the best fitting name for your dog or puppy in Spanish. This research was fun, and I hope to do even more with Spanish dog names in the future. Adios.

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sherry said...

i named my dog cholo for gangster in spanish everyone loves it